Discover Murrieta: The Gem of The Valley




  1. The weather is usually hot in the summer
  2. There is litle rain fall in the summer to ruin your weekend plans
  3. Weather is good for running and getting good excersice.


  1. The weather in the winter is usually mild hot and cool
  2. There is usual rain fall if your trying to escape the heat iof your home town.
  3. Weather is good for relaxing and drinking hot coco in your house

Things to do in Murrieta

  1. Going to the mall is one of Murrieta`s atractions
  2. Movies are one of Murrietas favorite things to do
  3. You can enjoy going to the park and playing with your friends>


There are several elementary schools throughout the valley. There are 2 middle schools and 2 high schools. To learn more about the schools visitMurrieta school sites Send e-mail to a school represenative